The Lost Episode – Ruby Room Podcast

The Ruby Room – The Lost Episode

I’m sure you have noticed that we haven’t posted a new episode lately. One of our hosts has been MIA lately. David and his wife had their first baby on February 22nd!

Needless to say, he has been a little busy but we plan to get back into the Ruby Room soon and record some new stuff.

For now, we have released the lost episode. This was supposed to be Episode 15 but it never aired. We dug through our old recordings and found it and now it is here for you to enjoy.

In this episode we take on the task of ranking the months. Our explanations and rankings may surprise you.

We also discuss our favorite cartoons, then and now.

Then, we research each of our Zodiac signs and see if they fit our actual personality or if it’s just crap.

Finally, Greg takes us into the Hypothetical Corner once again.

If you came here because you were looking for the Grubes Interview, scroll down…

The Ruby Room – The Lost Episode


Grubes leaves Sports Radio 1310 the Ticket

In light of today’s incredibly heart breaking news, we are re-releasing our two-part interview with Michael “Grubes” Gruber of Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket, which first aired in Episode 5 and Episode 7. Both episodes remain the most listened to in Ruby Room history.

Today via his twitter feed @tweetgrubes announced that on April 6th, 2012 he will be leaving the ticket to go back to college at UNT. Needless to say, the DFW area the world was stunned. Some are calling this the end of BaD Radio and The Hardline. Those people are exaggerating, but it’s bad. (Is this bad? drop here).

Back in the beginning of our little podcast, Grubes was nice to enough to grant us an interview. We get into his story about how he started at the Ticket, his band, his friendship with Dirk Nowitzki and even tried to turn his own drops on him, plus a lot more. If you listened before, go back and listen again with a new perspective. If you missed it the first time (more likely scenario), listen and get some good insight into the man, the myth, the legend, Michael “Grubes” Gruber.

Also be sure to head over to our Drop Page and listen and download some of our own Grubes drops.

Part 1 (Phone connection only sucks in the beginning)

Grubes Interview Part 1

Part 2

Grubes Interview Part 2

UPDATE: The Unticket has posted the audio where Grubes officially announces that he is leaving. Listen Here.

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Episode 23 The Ruby Room

The Ruby Room – Episode 23

Warning. Explicit content! Hopefully that just makes you want to listen more.

Yep, two episodes released in one week! It’s a Super Bowl miracle.

Most of you are used to the occasional cuss word on The Ruby Room. Somehow, by talking about how David will not cuss this entire month, the rest of us actually cussed more this episode. So if you are offended by foul, filthy, dirty language, why are you even listening to us in the first place?

Also in this episode, Sammy takes us through a topic tumbler. We go over his February Challenge, give our Super Bowl predictions, and other mind tingling topics.

To wrap it up, Greg walks us through our first ever Ruby Room Podcast at the Movies. We give our opinions, rate, and tell you if you should see The Grey. Spoiler Alert! We will ruin this movie and the ending if you haven’t seen it already.

Don’t forget to tell your friends (or enemies) about us. We love new listeners. Check out Sammy’s Tumblr for updates on his February Challenge and leave us your comments below.

The Ruby Room – Episode 23

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Episode 22 The Ruby Room

The Ruby Room – Episode 22

We’re Back….Kinda!

The Rangers lost the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals and it almost killed The Ruby Room Podcast. But, we could not let that happen! We are back…ish.

As you will find out in this episode, we have moved locations. The original Ruby Room is under construction so we were kicked out. Luckily we landed in Sea Gull Studios (AKA Sammy’s House) where our band records. Unfortunately this brought about new issues. One such issue is apparently batteries don’t last as long here. About halfway through the show, David’s mic lost power and he becomes very difficult to hear. For some, this might be considered a good thing. New batteries will be purchased before the next show.

We only do three segments in this episode. Inspired by the movie The Grey we discuss surviving in the wild. Sammy unveils his new February Challenge and an inaudible David talks about Texans and their geographical knowledge.

Stay tuned for the next episode where we will talk about our very first Ruby Room field trip to the movies. We all went to see The Grey, we’ll give your our thoughts and spoilers next week.

The Ruby Room – Episode 22

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World Series LIVE Show in the books

First and foremost we must thank all of our fans that tuned in to our first  ever LIVE broadcast last night. The chat room and twitter were buzzing  and we loved interacting with you guys!

Even though the outcome of the game wasn’t what we had hoped for, the  night was still a big success for The Ruby Room Podcast. What? You  missed it? Well have no fear, you can go back and watch the entire show  on our Ustream account here.

You know that this won’t be the last time we do a live show, so stay tuned, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, so you know when the next LIVE Ruby Room is going down.

Below are just a couple of our favorite moments, tell us yours.

Napoli hits a homerun

Fake Texas Guy explains “Caterpillar”






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Live Show tonight Oct 19th for World Series

Game 1 of the World Series between our Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals is tonight!

For the first time ever (and maybe the last) we will do a special LIVE broadcast via from our World Series watching party. Tune in to hear us talk about the game, play drinking games, and other buffoonery.  We will be live tweeting during the show so make sure to follow us on Twitter

You can find the live feed here We will begin our broadcast shortly before the game.

If you can’t be with us, watch us!

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Episode 20 The Ruby Room

The Ruby Room – Episode 20

We’re Back!

Sometimes “real life” just doesn’t understand the humor of The Ruby Room and we have to go into hiding for awhile. It has been so hard to stay away for so long but alas, The Ruby Room Podcast is back to take care of all your entertainment needs.

During our exile we did manage to record a new episode, however, it was so long ago that I have no idea what we talked about or if it’s any good, but I’m sure it’s GREAT!

Take a listen and tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter about us.

Love you, missed you.


The Ruby Room – Episode 20

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Episode 19 The Ruby Room

The Ruby Room – Episode 19

Oh do we have something good for you. Some days you wake up, go to work, head to the gas station for a taquito, drive to your jam house you affectionately named The Ruby Room, kick out the jams and melt faces, and then lay down the most epic podcast ever recorded.

Ladies and Gentleman, Wednesday was that day.

If you have listened before, well then thank you because we didn’t think anyone did. If you haven’t listened to a single episode, this is the episode to start with. If you never listen to another podcast for the rest of your life, listen to this one. If you are deaf, go to a spiritual healer and let him place his hands upon you and give you the gift of hearing. When he tells you it will only be temporary don’t go to the opera or listen to Mozart. Head straight to a computer, go to iTunes, search Ruby Room Podcast, download Episode 19, and let your ears enjoy the sweet sweet sounds of Greg, Sammy, and David; then you can go back to being deaf and know that you have truly experienced the greatest auditory event, ever recorded.

Am I hyping this episode too much? No.

Episode 19 had a run sheet, but I’m not sure we followed it. We were supposed to talk about celebrities, sports, and human natural gas (farts). I’m pretty sure we hit all of those topics somewhere.

BTW (that’s tween for By the way) If you don’t laugh at this episode, you are dead inside.

Thank you to Ted from our live audience for stopping by on Facebook and Twitter and giving us a shout out.

The Ruby Room – Episode 19

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Episode 18 The Ruby Room

The Ruby Room – Episode 18

We have good news and bad news. Good news is, Episode 18 is here! Bad news is, we will not record a new episode this week. David has a work trip so we will return to the Ruby Room next week.

But, today you can sit back and enjoy Episode 18. We had to record this episode without a run sheet and quite frankly, I don’t remember the order of topics but it went something like this:

News segment where Sammy gives us three news stories and we have to guess which one is fake.

Greg talks about his first ever sensual deep tissue massage. How did it end?

David tells us what he believes is the saddest/most depressing song ever and plays some examples.

Finally, Sammy tells the story of buying liquor in Florida. Trust me, this isn’t your friendly neighborhood liquor store. Or maybe it is, I don’t know where you live.

Don’t forget to stop by on Facebook or Twitter and give us a shout out.

Thanks for listening!

The Ruby Room – Episode 18

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Episode 17 The Ruby Room

The Ruby Room – Episode 17

Look at that. Two new episodes only a couple days apart. It’s like Ruby Room Hanukkah in August.

Get ready for another wheels off episode. We were still coming down from the high from Episode 16 and another great jam session. Side note: Our band Ruby Alexander has committed to playing a live show in front of live people before Halloween. If you know any places that host full band open mic nights, lets us know.

In this episode, David tells us what year is the best year to be born. He outlines a 12 point argument. See if you agree.

After that, Greg get’s us into a little natural disaster talk. With Hurricane Irene threatening the east coast and the earthquake the week before, we share some of our own natural disaster experiences and debate which is the worst natural disaster of them all.

To finish it off, we dive into pop-culture and discuss Kim Kardashian. Her recent marriage and media attention has Greg wondering, how did this all start? Why are we so obsessed with her? How can he get in her pants?

Take some time out of your busy day and give Episode 17 a spin. Remember, if you keep your expectations really low, we sound a lot better.

The Ruby Room – Episode 17

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